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On Thursday 08 December 2005 00:21, Gene Heskett decided we wanted to hear the 
> Hi all;
hi Gene
> Is there a wiki page or something somewhere that details what it would
> take to make thunderbird compatible with the Mail directory that kmail
> uses?
> I'd like to test it, but thats not generally possible until it can read
> the same file structure that kmail uses.
you could run a local imap server - in kmail (and others) you can then drag 
and drop the messages from your local mbox/maildir stores into folders on 
your IMAP store. All linux email clients (AFAIK) can talk to IMAP servers

install and start dovecot
then add a new account in kmail, pointing at localhost/IMAP (port 143)
you should be able to create new folders on your imap server within kmail and 
copy (or move) your mails across 
Then install/configure thunderbird, pointing it at your local IMAP store as 

I assume you have your mail stored locally because you use an external POP 

you could automate mail downloading with fetchmail, if you wanted. This should 
automatically end up on your IMAP store.
This would alloow you to switch between mail clients whenever you wish (it 
also makes backing your email up fairly easy)



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