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Thomas Springer wrote:
>     wavfile=`echo $file | sed -e "s/mp3/wav/g"`

For what it's worth,
$ echo lamp3.mp3 | sed -e "s/mp3/wav/g"
which is probably not what's required.

$ file="bright lamp3.mp3"
$ wavfile="$(basename "$file" .mp3).wav"
$ echo $wavfile
bright lamp3.wav

Still doesn't help if someone calls a file "Windows User.MP3". If that's
a problem, then you probably do want to revert to sed:
$ echo lamp3.MP3 | sed -e "s/[Mm][Pp]3$/wav/g"
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Another solution would be:
  wavfile=`echo $file | sed -e "s/\.mp3/.wav/g"

This works for the lamp3.mp3 example. It wouldn't work as well for lamp.mp3file.mp3 

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