Strange failure of FC4 installation - kernel panic

Gilboa Davara gilboada at
Thu Dec 8 17:04:11 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-08 at 16:58 +0000, pjbk at wrote:
> I hope someone can help me here
> I am trying to install Fedora Core 4 on a P4 with 512Meg memory
> I boot from the first CD, and the initial Fedora installation screen
> appears.  Whatever option I choose, it loads VMlinux, something else I
> don't remember, and goes through a number of standards or tof start up
> messages before exiting with a kernel panic.  Unfortunately the messages
> disappear before I can note the full text, but it seems to be something to
> do with being unable to find a system with label NULL or (8,3)

When the first isolinux screen comes up, type some gibberish (e.g.
"blah") and press enter. 
It'll return an error.
Now do what you normally do (enter/"linux" enter.)
It should/may solve the problem.


> If I try to boot specifying an explicit root= parameter then the same
> message occurs with the device name replace NULL and (0,0) instead of
> (8,3)
> Any clues as to what I might be doing wrong?
> I have installed FC4 on other systems before with no problem
> Peter King

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