firefox back/forward icons disappeared

Skunk Worx skunkworx at
Fri Dec 9 03:38:46 UTC 2005

Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 10:42:54PM -0800, Skunk Worx wrote:
>>on a couple of my machines the firefox icons in the upper left of the UI 
>>(for Back/Forward) have disappeared. All i get are skinny widgets with 
>>the drop-down arrow--no left/right icons in the widgets.
> Are you using the default theme?

Yes it's the default. I tried installing another one through the mozilla 
https: link in the UI and it pops up momemtarily then disappears from 
the theme list. Only the default theme is there.

Appears user based. If I run X as root and launch firefox the icons are 

Remove/Reinstall makes no difference, neither does switchdesk back and 
forth between kde and gnome.

My home directory is off NFS so I'll play with that tomorrow, also will 
try making a local user account and see what happens.


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