setsysfont issue

Sergey mafia_rgd at
Fri Dec 9 04:41:30 UTC 2005

It is an interesting issue though... Will somebody please write the output of 
showconsolefont run from tty1 and tty2. Are the outputs the same?

> It's a kernel bug: it's supposed to inherit settings when it sets up new
> TTYs.


As I figured out, when creating new TTYs, kernel inherits setting that have 
been set for /dev/tty0. If a take a loot at /sbin/setsysfont, you will see 

    /bin/setfont $SYSFONT $ARGS
    echo -ne "\033(K" 2>/dev/null > /proc/$$/fd/0

sets the font at the current tty where rc.sysinit is being run, which 
is /dev/tty1! So that tty2-tty6 which are indeed created after this step, 
appear with a not-a-user defined from from tty0. tty0 is not affected by 
SYSFONT value from /etc/sysconfig/i18n.

So that you have manually /bin/setfont for other ttys.
Am I wrong?

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