SU vulnerability

James Wilkinson fedora at
Fri Dec 9 07:49:28 UTC 2005

Sergey wrote:
> Long time ago I decided to protect my system by allowing *ONLY* users in wheel 
> group to su to root. This allows to protect the system. Regardless where you 
> know the root password or not - you can not su as long as system 
> administrator does not put you into wheel group.
> As I know this is the default behaviour of FreeBSD.
> System-config-users utility - a little program to manage users has *NOTHING*, 
> not even a little mention anywhere, that it breaks the security.
> Anyone who knows the root password logs in as regular user, by ssh. Using X 
> forward, executes system-config-users, enters the root password and does 
> ANYTHING he wants to the system. In particular, he adds himself to wheel 
> group and su's to root. While the system administrator sleeps well knowing 
> that he can not su because he's not in wheel group

If you want something done about this, please raise a Request For
Enhancement against system-config-users in This
will bring it to the attention of the right person. At least you should
get a comment saying why they won't support wheel in s-c-u. At best it
will go on a list of Things To Fix.

If you can contribute a patch, then it's a lot more likely to get fixed.

Hope this helps,


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