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Fri Dec 9 11:30:17 UTC 2005

Danny Terweij - Net Tuning | Net:
>> Eeks!. I thought linux was better then windows with passwords security.
>> So when your laptop/server/pc is stolen all they have to do is this and gets
>> full access as root with no pass?

Jeffrey Tadlock:
> Not much different with Windows machines either.  If one has physical 
> access to a Windows machine you are only one reboot away with the right 
> tool to reset the local administrator password to blank and having full 
> access to the machine.
> Physical security is important for some very valid reasons.

If one has physical access, there's all sorts of things they can do,
from breaking the machine, to making use of the data within it.  I don't
think there's many systems that aren't vulnerable if you can get your
hands on them.  At the simplest level, all it takes is a disgruntled
person and a jug of water to kill your computer.

To make things hard, configure your system so they'd have to open the
box to defeat your boot and logon procedures, make it hard to open the
box, and make it hard to remove the box.  Leave something else that's
tempting for smash and grab thieves.

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