Security hole

Boris Glawe boris at
Fri Dec 9 14:12:46 UTC 2005

Paul Smith wrote:

>Dear All
>I have noticed that from SLAX liveCD, one has total and free access to
>the home partition of all Linux (Fedora) accounts in the hard-disk of
>the computer. In this way, with a SLAX disk, everyone can spy all
>accounts in the hard-disk. How can this be prevented?

If you have phyical access to a machchine, you have always the complete 
control over the machine. You can boot with rescure CD and set root's 
password to whatever you want. That's not a big risk though!

In your case encrypting the home partitions would be a solution. Try 
'man cryptsetup' on a Linux  2.6 machine.
There are plenty of documents concerning partition encrpting. Google helps!

Use ecnryption only if you understand, what you are doing!!

greets Boris

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