Nasty spam challenges

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Dec 9 17:35:59 UTC 2005

I see that I'm getting into this thread a little late.

I have responded to the challenge/reply and then written the owner
politly explaining to him what he is causing- four times in as many
months. No reply nor impovment in the situation. I have also written
to the management of the server some months ago, no reply either.
Nobody on THAT END cares about the problem. And so it will remain
while it is OUR PROBLEM and not THIER PROBLEM. So the proposed
'attacks' on the server may as well be justified, as all other means
have been met by a lack of concern on their part. If the purpose of
the attack is to make the situation better, then that is in my opinion
like stealing food to feed your family when you can't find work- the
cause justifies the means.

Although European and American laws may forbid this type of response,
we most certainly have subscribers outside thier jurisdictions. Those
subscriber may be able to help. Any Brazillians out there?

Dotan Cohen

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