FC4 laptop no sound AC'97: amixer: Unable to find simple control PCM-2 and DRC-Range

Markus Huber humarfedoralists at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 9 22:28:14 UTC 2005

Sean Carlos schrieb:
> Nigel Horne wrote:
>> Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> said:
>>  > # (echo "rmmod snd_intel8x0"; echo "modprobe snd_intel8x0") > 
>> /etc/sysconfig/modules/snd-fix.modules
>>  > # chmod +x /etc/sysconfig/modules/snd-fix.modules
>> That helped me on my zd8000. FC3 wav audio worked fine on this laptop, 
>> but
>> it went silent on the "upgrade" to FC4. Looks like this fix ought to go
>> back into the main tree.
>> -Nigel
> I can confirm the same problem and solution for an Acer Travelmate 4020 
> series.  I did have to run "gst-register-0.8" to see the volume control 
> panel.  The not so clear error message said to run gst-register.

I had a similar problem on a zd7000, and I had to add
to /etc/hotplug/blacklist

To find that out, do a
# lsmod | grep snd

If you find something like (I think it was that line):
snd_ac97_codec         88893  1 snd_intel8x0,snd_intel8x0m

then blacklisting snd_intel8x0m like I said above might be the solution.

Markus Huber

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