Help building the kernel???

Mauriat Miranda mirandam at
Sat Dec 10 04:12:39 UTC 2005

On 12/9/05, John Wendel <john.wendel at> wrote:
> Just to add to the confusion, I have 2 FC3 boxes that run with vanilla
> kernels, so the Redhat patches are not required. But I can't get a
> vanilla kernel working on an FC4 box.

Interesting. I would venture to say that it maybe specific to your
particular config options rather than those kernels. Which did you

FC4 shipped with a patched 2.6.11 kernel, since then I've compiled and
used multiple 2.6.12 vanilla kernels and toyed with 2.6.13 vanilla
kernels. I haven't found any problems preventing their usage (in
general) for FC4. I have and still working fine and
haven't had a need to try out 2.6.14 (yet).

I recall going through half a dozen vanilla kernels to get ACPI to
work on my system in FC3. They worked even though ACPI didn't.


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