how is initial xorg.conf generated? any options for this?

Skunk Worx skunkworx at
Sat Dec 10 06:23:12 UTC 2005

James Wilkinson wrote:
> Skunk Worx wrote:
>>2) Is there a way to set "no dri"? some machines are locking up randomly
>>on the first startx, they use the ATI radeon 7000 chip...commenting out
>>load dri fixes this, but is there a way to (by default) not have dri in
>>the initial xorg.conf creation?
> Sergey wrote:
>>That seems weird that DRI conflicts with your radeon videos. Are you sure the 
>>lockups caused by DRI extensions?
> I can confirm that with a PCI Radeon 9250 (same basic chip design) on
> x86_64, I regularly got system freezes *unless* I took "load dri" out of
> Xorg.conf.
> I won't use closed-source drivers with Linux.
> James.

Yes it is absolutely the box stock Fedora/Xorg radeon driver, on FC4 
with fully up2date installs. My boxes did this under FC3 as well. If 
"Load dri" is removed the systems boot/run reliably. They are Dell 
SC1425 IU rackmounts, using the Radeon 7000 chipset. 32 bit intel dual 
P4 boxes.


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