Gui for configuring NTP

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sat Dec 10 09:19:17 UTC 2005

Terry Polzin:

>>> It's generally a bad idea to try to sync to a time server outside your
>>> TZ.

>> Why do you think this?  NTP doesn't work with local time.

> Basically I'd suggest that merely in the interest of trying to
> minimize the packet transit time as a "rule of thumb".

I wouldn't assume that for a moment.  The route between you and
something on the internet mayn't have any correlation to physical

For instance, just within Australia, a connection to a service in a city
only 10 kms away from me (in Adelaide) gets routed from one side of the
country to the other, zig-zag style (from Adelaide to Perth, to Sydney,
back to Adelaide).

The internet is going to be full of such examples, and NTP is designed
for that sort of thing not to matter.  You give it a handful of servers
to try out, and it works out for itself which is best.

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