Fedora 4 routing config issue

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Sat Dec 10 18:12:40 UTC 2005

J. K. Cliburn wrote:
> What route should I add to gadwall to make him forward packets from 
> petrel to smoothwall (and hence, the internet)?

I don't think it is what route you need to add to gadwall, it's what 
route you need to add to smoothwall.  Unless you have added a route to 
it was well, it doesn't know how to get back to the 192.168.2.x network. 
  Try adding a route on smoothwall that tells it to get to the 
192.168.2.x network by going to

Your traceroute to Osprey works because you added a route.  Do the same 
on smoothwall for that 2.x subnet and you should be fine.


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