sane-backends problem with FC4 and x86_64

Erik P. Olsen erik at
Sat Dec 10 23:41:08 UTC 2005

Sane is implemented in FC4/x86_64 with one x86_64 frontend and two (i386
and x86_64) backends. I guess the i386 backends are there to interface
to i386 only frontends and the x86_64 backends interface xsane and

My problem with this approch is that I need to upgrade sane-backends to
the latest level which I would normally do by compiling them according
to the instructions found on the sane projects web pages. However, such
compilations will only affect the i386 elements and therefore I'll not
have the upgrade I thought. Does anybody know how I should compile the
x86_64 version? The sane-project doesn't know and refer to the Fedora
team packagers who apparently have done it all by themselves.

Would a decent circumvention be to erase the sane packages from the
system and compile new ones to an i386 platform or will that not work?

Erik P. Olsen

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