Moving a LVM to a new drive

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Sun Dec 11 01:19:13 UTC 2005

LVM is very powerful in those cases:

If you want to move only a logical volume you can
create another identical logical volume (which uses
another hd and with the same number of extend) and
copy with dd the original partition in the new one.
The rescuecd could help you a lot in this situation.

If you want to remove all the hard drive you can use
the pvmove command. Before starting the operation be
sure you have enough free space in the volume group.
To increase the available space in the VG you can, for
example, add a new hd and create anothe Phisical
Volume on it.

--- David Niemi <drn_temp2 at> ha scritto: 

> I have a harddrive that is deciding to go south for
> the winter. It has
> part of an Logical volume on it.  How can I copy
> this to a new drive? or
> should I just blow the whole thing away and start
> afresh without the
> LVMs?
> With some of the reading I am doing it seems the
> latter option may be
> the best for simplicity now and in the future.
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