Res res at
Sun Dec 11 09:17:44 UTC 2005

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005, Scot L. Harris wrote:

> Did you try rkhunter?  Would be interesting to know if it could see it.


> Once a system has been rooted the only action to take is to rebuild the
> system from scratch, format the drives and install clean.  Be very

only true is not very expericed, as one who is responsible for large 
datacenters, after 10 years of it you get pretty good a forensic disection 

rule No. 1 - tell em to go get nicked if they want front page
rule No. 2 - scan for and ban phpnuke - they sure as F@#$ named it so 
aptly ;)

luckily most the brain dead script kiddies out there all use much the same
sort of code so resolution is pretty painless. but prevention is always 
better than the 1am wake up call


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