Odd vsftp issue

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Sun Dec 11 17:50:33 UTC 2005

    I have the following structure on my file system:

    $HOME = /home/kirash
    /home/kirash/cgi-bin -> /var/www/virtual/kirash  (a symlink)

    /var/www/virtual/kirash is owned by kirash.kirash
    /home/kirash/cgi-bin (the symlink) is also owned by kirash.kirash

    Now, why is it when I'm logged in on the server (through ssh) that I 
can access that cgi-bin folder, put and delete files just fine, but if I 
log in through plain old FTP, I can't switch to that folder?  I get 
access denied.  But, if  log in through SFTP, it works just fine.  So 
why won't vsftp let me access that folder?

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