Alsa (Sound)

Dave Jones davej at
Mon Dec 12 06:01:25 UTC 2005

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 12:55:19AM -0500, CodeHeads wrote:

 > > Or kmix.  (Though which of 'red' or 'yellow' means set/unset is lost on me
 > > (I use gnome). I'm totally in awe of the KDE developers hci skills on that one.
 > > They must be great fun at parties.
 > > "Did you switch the music on?"  "Yellow!"
 > > 
 > I switched to Gnome here is some more screen shots
 > Thanks for you help Dave! :)  I personally like KDE :)  But I will work
 > in Gnome for the rest of the night and see what happens :)

Gar. Gnome doesn't do much better here, starting by default in
'hide everything' mode.  On the pull-down menus, Edit->Preferences
and then hunt around for the 'external amplifier' toggle.
Hit it, and you should then gain an extra 'switches' tab, from where
you can actually toggle it.

It doesn't really matter which desktop you use, just toggling the
red/yellow bulb in kmix would have had the effect of finding out whether
or not that was the missing link to making your sound work.


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