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Mon Dec 12 06:09:12 UTC 2005

"Christofer C. Bell" <christofer.c.bell at> wrote: On 12/11/05, Hoffmann  wrote:
>  (1) Could anyone, please, let me know how could I upgrade java to the
> latest version? Is the best option to wait for the newest version be
> released by yum?
>  (2) The most impottant question: What about the Java Virtual Machine? I
> realized that some applications I would like to install/run are generating a
> warning about not being able to find the JVM on my machine? How could I
> solve this problem? Is it already installed? If affirmative, how could I
> make JVM be recognized by those applications?

I'd recommend the J2SE from here: (Java on Linux isn't quite
up to par, IMO).  I use the non-RPM bundle of netbeans and the J2SE
and install it in /opt.  You can update your path appropriately for
your Java applications to work.


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 Hi Christofer,
 Many thanks for your prompt reply. I also installed J2SE in /opt directory. However, when I run " java -version" command, I got the information that about still having the old java (1.4.2) version working, instead of the newest one. I became worried about the possibility of messing up the configuration of FC4. Could you or anyone alse, please, let me know how could I update my path appropriately for my Java applications to work with the new Java version and its JVM? Sorry, if that question seems to be too stupid, but, as I told before, I have no experience with java, etc.
 Thanks, once again!

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