boot time arguments to kernel... or initrd.img

joao.miguel.ferreira.19740720 at joao.miguel.ferreira.19740720 at
Mon Dec 12 18:32:26 UTC 2005

Thank you.

I'll try that.


Citando Kahn Seidl <mkseidl at>:

 yes you can -
 its easy.  when grub loads, you can edit each command line for a boot 
 there will be an option with rhgb quiet in it.  should be the 2nd line.  
 just add a '3' after it.
 read the directions as you go.  all the buttons are on the bottom of the 
 sorry, im in a rush.
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 >Subject: boot time arguments to kernel... or initrd.img
 >Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:14:56 +0000
 >I'm using grub to boot my system. I know that it is possible to pass 
 >to the kernel.
 >My problem: can I pass an argument to the kernel (or to initrd.img) in 
 >order for
 >the system to start in run level 3 (without X) instead of runlevel 5...
 >(My video card is apparently not working ok in X (system crashes starting 
 >but it still suports text mode. I have no other way to boot my system 
 >except by
 >preventing the start of X)
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