Athlon64 + MSI = Problems with APIC

Steven Ringwald asric at
Mon Dec 12 18:44:32 UTC 2005

Hello All!

I am using an AMD Athlon64 and the MSI-7145 MB. The entry in 
/proc/cpuinfo identifies it as an AMD Sempron Processor 2800+. The bios 
on the MSI motherboard has been flashed to the latest version I could 
find (1.4).

I have installed two kernels on this box, the SMP and the UP kernel. The 
reasoning behind the SMP is so that I can get APIC functionality.

When the SMP kernel is running, I get constant rtc_mmss warnings on the 
console, and the time drifts forward at a rather quick rate (even with 
ntpd running).

I was wondering if anyone had seen/solved anything like this before, or 
if possibly a different motherboard is the solution. (I would like to 
keep with the Athlon64, if I can).

Thanks in advance!

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