Key Codes for setkeycodes

William Case billlinux at
Mon Dec 12 21:18:20 UTC 2005

Hi Dotan;

On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 16:06 -0500, William Case wrote:
> Hi Dotan;
> On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 22:46 +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > Back on my own machine!
> > 
> > What are the key codes for 'setkeycodes'? I have a few buttons on my
> > keyboard that I would like to enable. When I press them in a console,
> > I get an error which tells me to set them with setkeycodes. However,
> > "man setkeycodes" had no information as to what keycodes do what
> > (specifically, scroll up and down). Googling led me the command
> > getkeycodes, which despite its name, didn't provide me with any useful
> > information. And showkey just scared me out of any further
> > experimentation!
> > 
> > Dotan Cohen

By the way, try dumpkeys, and getkeycodes to see what keys are available
and what their scancodes and keycodes are.  Best to do it in a
non-xwindows console (ie Ctrl-Alt-Fn (n = 1-6)).

Regards Bill

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