CUPS sharing "Unable to get printer status (client-error-forbidden)!"

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> Hello,  My locally attached and functioning hp5000, despite being shared is 
> unaccessible.  The FC4 server does not have a firewall or iptables 
> running...  No matter what I seem to try to do, I can't get another FC4 box 
> to print to it...  All I get in either the system-config-printer or cups 
> http gui is: "Unable to get printer status (client-error-forbidden)!"
The first step it to stop using system-config-printer to configure
CUPS printers. Always use the CUPS web gui. Now configure the printer
using the GUI after removing all definitions
of the printer in system-config-printer. system-config-printer is
simply a mess in configuring CUPS printers.

Once you configure the printer on the server go to the client(s) .
Again remove all definitions  of the printer using
system-config-printer and the Cups web interface. Now this is all you
need to do to get printing to work from the client. In the
/etc/cups/client.conf file alter the line:
to point to your server and then restart cups. Printing should now
work from the client through the server to the printer. 

If that does not work ask again. Also since you are using a HP printer
install HPLIP from Sourceforge or through rpms. These updated HP
printer drivers can not be accessed from system-config-printer.
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