Moving HD from boxen A to boxen B

M. Lewis cajun at
Tue Dec 13 05:32:36 UTC 2005

Jeff Vian wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 01:29 -0500, M. Lewis wrote:
>>I'm trying to help a friend (remotely) move a working FC4 installation 
>>to a new boxen due to memory limitations on the old machine. My friends 
>>computer knowledge is practically nil. He does follow instructions 
>>rather well, otherwise I wouldn't attempt this.
>>I know when we move it and bring it up (after of course configuring the 
>>BIOS) we will encounter some challenges.
>>Primarily, numerous warnings from Kudzu about NICs, video card, maybe 
>>motherboard, etc.
>>1) is it better to tell Kudzu to forget the old configurations and use 
>>the new configurations? I would like a path to get back to the old 
>>machine should the move to the new machine prove to be too much of a 
>>challenge for him.
> Kudzu no longer prompts for acceptance. It is smart enough now to handle
> the changes itself.  And by the same token, if it does not succeed on
> the newer box, just putting the disk in the older box should
> automatically move the hw config back.
>>2) assuming X does not work due to the new video card, how is the best 
>>way to overcome this?
> Boot to a text screen then manually set the x driver to vesa for
> bringup. Then use the system-config-display command to detect and
> configure it for the new video card.

How do you manually set the x driver to vesa so that you can get to 
system-config-display ?

>>3) anything else that I might be overlooking ?
> Not for the initial boot AFAICT.  I have done similar with no problems
> several times.

Thanks for the input Jeff. Exactly what I was looking for.



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