Manish Kathuria manish at
Tue Dec 13 09:35:40 UTC 2005

Chris Norman wrote:
> Hi,
> I have fetchmail nicely grabbing my e-mails from an NTLWorld pop account.
> Is there any way to have sendmail sending my replies and forwards out, 
> so I can use mail to send/receive all my e-mail?
> Cheers,

You can use sendmail to send all your email. However you can use it for 
receiving email directly only when you have the MX for your domain 
pointing to the host running sendmail. For outgoing mail, the default 
configuration with FC4 can work with little modifications. If you want 
to deliver all the mails to your ISP's SMTP server for further relaying, 
just define that SMTP server as SMART HOST in your sendmail's 
cofiguration (/etc/mail/ --> /etc/sendmail/ You 
also have the option of directly delivering mails to other domains 
through sendmail though some domains may not accept it depending upon 
their configuration and policies and your IP address.

For forwarding the mails, you can use the .forward file in your home 
directory but mails will be delivered outside only if sendmail (or some 
other MTA) is running.


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