FC4 x86_64 + new questions

François Patte francois.patte at math-info.univ-paris5.fr
Tue Dec 13 11:49:19 UTC 2005

Gilboa Davara a écrit :
> On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 12:02 +0100, François Patte wrote:
>>I installed FC4 x86_64 and I'm wondering if i386 applications can be run
>>on it and, if yes, how?
> Yes.
> Using i386 libraries. (installed by default)
>>My problem is that there are no recognized plugins for mozilla/firefox
>>(or I don't know where to download the plugins). There is a directory:
>>/usr/lib64/firefox-1.0.7/plugins (and same for mozilla), but making
>>symbolic links in these directories is totally useless....
> Known problem.
> If you want to use i386 only plug-ins (such as flash), you'll need to
> manually install the i386 version of firefox/mozilla.

Thanks for your answer. I tried this, but there are some "failed 

So, my next question is: is possible to tell yum to install specific 
i386 packages (with right dependancies of course!)?

It seems also, that xmms is not working: I have only 2 output plugins: 
arts and crossfade. With the first one xmms complains that it cannot 
connect a arts server, the second one kills xmms...

> Gilboa
> P.S. Please, please, please stop PGP'ing your messages. It makes it very
> hard to read them.

I promise...!


François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes

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