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Tue Dec 13 21:29:01 UTC 2005

Am Di, den 13.12.2005 schrieb Guido Leisker um 20:51:

> > If is treated as you local domain, then mail will not
> > be send for recipients of this domain to an external MTA.
> Ok that sounds plausible.
> But sending to most other mails-addresses with other domain doesnt work too.

To most, but not all (i guess you speak about external addresses, i.e.
mine)? What is the reason you see when rejection occurs. You have set


So mail originating from that host should be deliverable like mail sent
from your host and being relayed through that smart host.

> > $ echo '$=w' | /usr/lib/sendmail -bt
> result:
> ADDRESS TEST MODE (ruleset 3 NOT automatically invoked)
> Enter <ruleset> <address>
>  > localhost.localdomain

You have to remove that domain from class {w}.

> localhost
> > If does not appear there, then mail to this domain will
> > be sent to the responsible MX or A record host. Maybe you want to add
> > this domain to /etc/sysconfig/local-host-names.
> > 
> > I am not sure what you want to achieve. You give confusing information.
> > Please elaborate if the hints are not enough.
> My proceeding is confus too. :)
> I want to achieve, that every mail is send to external mail-accounts. 
> The system shall not send local massages and shall not receive any masseges.

Change alias targets to be external fully qualified recipient addresses.

> Wants with the dynamic IP? Is there a problem? How could I solve this 
> Problem?
> Hint: points not(!) to my commputer.
> Only the domain (only http(s) I think) is configured to point to 

The dynamic IP would then be a big problem, if you would try to directly
deliver. But you did specify a smart host which resolves to a static IP
(though rDNS does not match).

> guido


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