Building a Large SAN

Matt Morgan minxmertzmomo at
Wed Dec 14 00:35:57 UTC 2005

On 12/13/05, Brian D. McGrew <brian at> wrote:
> Good morning all:
> So we've got this recording studio and we've got somewhere around 200
> external hard drives ranging in size between 100GB and 300GB.  When an
> artist comes in, we plug their drive into the host, do the recording,
> save it, unplug it and it's on to the next one.  We've never had a drive
> fail until yesterday and fortunately, I was able to quickly recover it
> but it got me to thinking...
> What are the prospects of building a SAN to mirror data on to?  Since
> everything else in the studio is rack mount, rack space isn't an issue
> but I have two requirements that need to be addressed:
> 1)  Has to run Linux and be highly and quickly scalable so that I can
> just plug in a drive, add it to an array and go.  I figure right now,
> we're close to about 20B and add another 1TB a month.
> 2)  My main requirement is that I be able to seamlessly and on-the-fly
> clone the drives that we attach to the host.  The host is running Mac OS
> 10.3 so Samba or rsync might work.

I've been using unison (
lately, rather than rsync. You don't really need it, since it's
two-way and you're going one-way, but it's kind of easier to use than
rsync so you might want to look into it. There are packages in extras
and it's available for CentOS, too, which I saw was already
recommended (in its OpenFiler form) in another post.

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