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CodeHeads ch at
Wed Dec 14 15:21:59 UTC 2005

Stuart Sears wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 December 2005 13:44, azeem ahmad decided 
> we wanted to hear the following:
>>qmail is out of list n sendmail is harder to configure than postfix. well
>>i got another issue and that is i have to configure it in such way that
>>clients may access their mails though web browser, just like yahoo or gmail
> this will require a couple of extra packages (which will work with any backend 
> mailserver)
> 1) an IMAP/POP server.
> The two obvious choices here are dovecot and cyrus (there are others)
> for a beginner dovecot is probably the right way to go (almost no config 
> needed)
> cyrus is much more complex
> 2) a webserver
> this would certainly be apache (httpd-2...)
> 3) a webmail program
> squirrelmail is the shipped option, also very easy to get up and running
> there are others (horde, for example) but I have no experience with these so 
> can't advise you at all
> regards
> Stuart

Quick question: Does Dovecot support multiple domains?


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