gdm greeter crashing

Josh Coffman josh_coffman at
Wed Dec 14 17:44:45 UTC 2005

--- Yonas Abraham <yonas at> wrote:

> after i input my user name and hit enter, instead of
> getting a password
> prompt I get "The greeter program appears to be
> crashing. I will attempt
> to use a different one"
> I even created new user, but it is independent of a
> specific user,
> actually even if i hit enter without writing a user
> name it still
> crashes. 
> I am using FC4 uptodated
> any idea on where to look, i have looked on
> /var/log/messages

I had a problem with gdm after I updated to gnome
2.12. I just removed and installed gdm and it was
probably not the same problem, but it might help.
(root)> yum -y remove gdm
(root)> yum -y install gdm

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