Help activating available disk space, please.

taharka res00vl8 at
Wed Dec 14 18:21:32 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 11:40 -0600, Mike McCarty wrote:
> Robin Laing wrote:
> [snip]
> > I am going to make another suggestion.
> > 
> > At the cost of hard drives, I would purchase a new drive and put that in.
> > 
> > If you have a second drive, then it isn't being used at all.  It would 
> > most likely be /dev/hdb*.  What happens if you run "fdisk /dev/hdb" ?
> > 
> > Drive space is cheap enough today to add extra drives where needed.  I 
> > have one drive for just temp backups.
> Everyone's circumstances are unique to a degree. I don't have any
> "extra" money lying around. If you do, would you please send it to
> me?
> :-)
By the same token, everyone's resources for purchasing computer hardware
are unique to a degree. As a side note, over the past summer, I
purchased 10 Direct TV TiVo DVR units at local yard sales. Each unit had
a Western Digital hard drive 80GB or better & I paid $10 apiece :-))
> Mike
Have a nice day!!


Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.

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