Help activating available disk space, please.

Nat Gross nat101l at
Wed Dec 14 19:24:01 UTC 2005

> I am going to make another suggestion.
> At the cost of hard drives, I would purchase a new drive and put that  in.
If I needed hardware advice, I would not post my request in this
forum<g> (unless Fedora related, of course).
> If you have a second drive, then it isn't being used at all.  It would
> most likely be /dev/hdb*.  What happens if you run "fdisk /dev/hdb" ?
"Unable to open /dev/hdb"

> Drive space is cheap enough today to add extra drives where needed.  I
> have one drive for just temp backups.
You THINK you have one for backups. In reality you have it for it was
the will of god you fedex that el-cheapo drive to me NOW!

But to answer your well-made point anyhow; There is a certain amount
of RISK associated in opening a server (where down-time counts),
adding hardware, etc etc. The thing  is running. Let's not break it.
I'd rather get a new CPU WITH a DRIVE, for that matter. (How come you
didn't advise me on that<g>? Ah, because you don't have a spare laying

Fun talking to you. Take care.

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