Continuing problems with wine

John Kebbel kebbelj at
Wed Dec 14 21:39:45 UTC 2005

How would I completely erase wine (from /root/.wine and /kebbelj/.wine)
and reinstall it on my Fedora 4 system. Here's the Catch-22 I've gotten
myself into. 

I figured I'd de-install wine and start over. Here's a copy and paste
from the terminal ...

   bash-3.00$ sudo rpm -e wine-0.9.2-1fc4winehq.i686.rpm
   error: package wine-0.9.2-1fc4winehq.i686.rpm is not installed

Well, then. If it's not installed, I should be able to reinstall it. No
luck. I got this error message...

   bash-3.00$ su
   [root at localhost tars]# rpm -i wine-0.9.2-1fc4winehq.i686.rpm
        package wine-0.9.2-1fc4winehq is already installed

Well, if it's installed, I figure, I should be able to run it. Here's
what I got... 

   bash-3.00$ winefile
   wine: '/tmp/.wine-500/server-302-1b82be/socket' is not owned by you

Well, if I can't run it because I don't own it, root should be able to
run it. I got ...

   [root at localhost tars]# sudo winefile
   wine: creating configuration directory '/root/.wine'...
   wine: '/root/.wine' created successfully.

This recreated the root version I threw away yesterday.

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