Changing SSH and Apache ports

Scot L. Harris webid at
Wed Dec 14 22:30:36 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 17:11, akonstam at wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 11:51:45PM +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> > Could some please point me to a tutorial whereby I could learn to
> > change what port I would use to ssh into my Fedora Core 4 machine? I
> > once read one, but all the googleing in the world isn't turning it
> > back up. I would also like to leave apache up to show off some things,
> > how could I change it's port number as well?
> >
> As to ssh its default port is 22 but in both the ssh_config and the
> sshd_config there is a Port statement that one would guess would
> change the port that ssh uses.


> The httpd.config also can set the communication port to something
> other than 80 but it seems to me there would be a problem getting a
> browser to communicate on that changed port but I have not thought a
> lot about it, so I am not sure. Although on the other hand we know one
> can access a server as:httpd://myserver.mydomain:666 for example and
> that would ask the server to respond to a request on port 666. So that
> might work out.

That is how you would access a webserver on a different port. 

I use this all the time.

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