Putting server on the internet or not

Leonard Isham leonard.isham at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 23:15:53 UTC 2005

On 12/14/05, Matt Morgan <minxmertzmomo at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/14/05, Edward Dekkers <edward at tripled.iinet.net.au> wrote:
> > For the first time ever, with my new account I will get a static IP
> > address and high bandwidth (no more dial-up finally!!!).
> >
> > I've purchased a domain which is waiting to have IP addresses tied to it
> > (currently parked).
> >
> > The question is - is it worth pointing the IP addresses directly at my
> > server, and hosting my mail and http directly from this server, or would
> > it be considered smarter to have everything hosted at the ISP still?
> >
> > Bear in mind my web-site has always been hosted at my previous ISP, and
> > I've always fetch mailed and masqueraded sendmail via my ISP's SMTP
> > server before. This direct way would be completely new to me.
> >
> > In the benefits I see that I have full control over my mail, adding,
> > subtracting users, forwarders, auto responders, scripting, etc. that I
> > never had before. However on the other side of the coin I guess I'd have
> > to batten down the hatches for hackers.
> >
> > With the web site also, if I hosted this myself, I could finally do some
> > dynamic web pages (php, mysql, whatever...), whereas previously I'd be
> > stuck with standard .html pages at my ISP.
> >
> > How easy is it for me to set up? I've never done this before. I know I
> > need to set up (reverse) DNS, MX records from reading this list over the
> > years, but I have absolutely no idea how to actually DO it, and what
> > steps to follow.
> >
> > Most important question - to me it seems worth it, but is it unsafe for
> > someone of my experience to do?
> Home machine? I would say give it a try. It's fun, probably not as
> hard as you think, and you'll learn from it. If you run into trouble,
> this list is a great source of help. Here's an excellent how-to:
> http://www.brennan.id.au/
> it was written for Fedora Core 3 but is stil really accurate.

Don't know anything about the URL above, but consider Bastille
(http://www.bastille-linux.org/) to help you tighten security and
learn as you do it.

> Just make sure you know how to firewall yourself, like the other guys
> have suggested, and set up ssh right before you turn it on. And use
> really good passwords.

No passswords use keys, disable root login  and use version 2 only.

> Another really nice option, especially if you have an old computer
> sitting around, is a smoothwall firewall between your server and the
> internet:
> http://www.smoothwall.org
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