openoffice installed well

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Thu Dec 15 11:44:51 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 10:08 -0800, chen li wrote:
> cd to the openoffice folder and type
> rpm -ivh *.rpm
> and my computer install openoffice within 2 min
> Then I cd to desktop-integration folder and type
>  rpm -ivh  the_specifce_rpm_for_the_redhat.rpm
> the file is installed in 20 seconds.

You've "installed" it, which means it's installed as well as what was
already there.  If you "updated" it, older version would have been
replaced by the newer ones.

Generally you only install things like kernels (where you want to keep
more than one version on the system), or packages that have never
previously been installed on your system; and you update/upgrade
packages as you go along.  You can also use the update/upgrade
installation method for new packages, and RPM will install them with no

I would have used "rpm -Uvh" for installing the packages.

> How do I remove the older version(1.1 version) away?

You can try "erasing" the older versions, using "rpm -e" with the
specific package details.  But you might strike some problems that
require you to remove the old and new packages, then install the new
ones by themselves (again).

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