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Thu Dec 15 12:27:33 UTC 2005

On 12/15/05, Tim <ignored_mailbox at> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 19:31 -0600, Jeff Vian wrote:
> > and the DRM software that prevents non-drm-enabled PCs (read that as
> > non-Windows PCs) from playing DRM protected CDs
> I've had this argument elsewhere, but I don't see that as being
> possible, unless they start selling CDs that cannot be played in normal
> CD players.
> If you can play your music CD in an ordinary CD player, like any that
> have been built over the last twenty years, then you can play it in a PC
> as well.  You've just got to be sensible enough NOT to install something
> that prevents you from doing so.

I have a CD I bought at the Nelson Adkins Museum of Art during the
national tour of the "Ancient Egypt" collection of the Smithsonian
Institution.  The CD is called "Eternal Egypt" and it's reditions of
ancient Egyptian music played on period instruments.  None of that is
really relavent, however.

What is relavent is that the CD plays fine in every normal audio CD
player I stick it in.  The one in my stereo, the one in my "boom box",
the one in my car.  Plays perfectly fine.  No computer CDROM that I
stick it in will even recognize that a disc is inserted.  My Windows
machine can't see it.  My Linux server can't see it.  My Windows
laptop from work can't see it.  All the computers fail to recognize
that a CD is even in the drive, let alone play the music on it.

This is the only CD I've encountered that behaves in this way.  It's
personally frustrating to me because it's the only CD in my collection
I've been unable to rip onto my iPod.


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