Printer duplexing

William Case billlinux at
Fri Dec 16 03:12:16 UTC 2005

Hi David;

> Do you have 'HPLIP' in your system to run the HP PSC1315,if not try it 
> as its the default print programme for HP in fedora
>    david

No I don't have HPLIP.  I'll download it tomorrow.  One of my problems
was that CUPS had the HP psc 1300 driver.  I applied the psc 1310 driver
and everything (except duplexing) was working again. I don't know what
happened there.  I had a burp while I was updating CUPS this afternoon,
or I could have inveterately changed the driver while I was playing

In any case, I have had enough for today. has
instructions for installing HPLIP in fedora core 4.  I'll use them.

Thanks for your trouble.

Regards Bill 

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