A-Link WL54H and Fedora Core 4

Lorenzo Sandini lsandini at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 07:22:10 UTC 2005


I am trying to install a WLAN adapter in my FC4 rig, but I am having a 
hard time with the drivers.

It's a fresh complete install of FC4 from the DVD, no updates, only the 
kernel source has been added.

I found on a compatibility list that the A-Link WL54H (with a Ralink 
2561T chipset) was compatible with FC4, the manufacturer even provides a 
"how-to" file for the driver installation on their website, along with 
links to the rt2x00 open source project website.

http://www.a-link.com/uk/WL54H.html  --> guides and drivers

However the driver provided on the bundled CD has drivers from the 
Ralink website, and I am told by the rt2x00 project administrator that 
the rt2x00 driver does not support the mentioned ralink 2561T chipset, 
and that I should use the driver provided by the card manufacturer on CD 
(A-link) or by the chipset manufacturer (Ralink), and finally that the 
directions given on the A-link website are wrong !

Does anyone have suggestions on how to install that WLAn PCI adapter ?

The driver provided on CD won't compile correctly (I can provide 
terminal output), and the rt2x00 driver (although it compiles correctly) 
is useless for this card.

Help would be really appreciated !

Lorenzo Sandini

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