OT: Gmail and reading this list

James Wilkinson fedora at westexe.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 13:05:16 UTC 2005

Claude Jones wrote:
> I send out a message, hypothetically, let's say to the Fedora list (I don't 
> use gmail for this list because of this problem); I use gmail as my MTA; 
> gmail receives the message from me via SMTP and forwards it to the Fedora 
> list. Fedora list receives my message and distributes it to the list, 
> including back to me; when my own message gets back to gmail, it knows 
> somehow, that it's the same message I sent 'through' before, and it doesn't 
> process it; hence, instead of it being forwarded back to me, it disappears... 
> If I were reading my gmail on the web, it wouldn't be an issue because my 
> original sent message would be in the list of messages in my folder. I hate 
> to read my mail that way - I'll drop gmail before I go back to that method.

I'm doing something very similar, but I *am* receiving copies of what I

The big difference is that I'm not using gmail as my smart host. Would
that be an option for you?

I do:
 mutt (locally) -> Postfix (locally) -> Demon (ISP) -> Red Hat.

List mail comes:
 Red Hat -> gmail -> Fetchmail (locally, via POP3) -> Postfix -> mutt.

(That's ignoring a virus / spam sweep and a procmail step).

Obviously, I use a Demon e-mail address for list purposes. That has to
be subscribed, but it has mail delivery turned off (in the list
preferences at the URL on the last line of every list e-mail: non-list
e-mail will get through). The gmail address is also subscribed, but I
don't use it for posting.

You might want to leave out either the local MTA (Postfix) step or the
ISP step on your outward e-mails.

Hope this helps,

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