openoffice-2.0.1 via ssh show bad layout

James Wilkinson fedora at
Fri Dec 16 13:33:40 UTC 2005

Dario Lesca wrote:
> After last update from ooo-2.0.0 to ooo-2.0.1, if I use a remote oocalc
> via ssh and I open some spreadsheet, the document and the ooo objects
> like border, menu, button, ecc. is show bad, all is black!.
> If I open some document from local all is OK.
> I have check to connect to remote server whit ssh -Y -X
> user at, then run oocalc&. But none is changed ....
> Please, send me some suggest or test for work around the problem.

Out of interest, what sort of computer / operating system are you using
to SSH to your Fedora computer? Is it another version of Fedora?

Which X server are you using on the *client* machine (the one you're
sitting in front of, not


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