X and vmware

Sergey mafia_rgd at mail.ru
Fri Dec 16 17:27:37 UTC 2005


Please help ;(

I am trying to run an application using VMware with Windows. 
The application requires switches display to 640x480 mode using 
MS DirectX. However my display switches to 1280x1024 with looks 
really bad. I checked it many times - you set explicitly 640x480
mode in windows desktop properties, and display turns into 
1280x1024. X from virtual FreeBSD act in the same way. Moreover, 
virtual system boot screen (when setup checks the stuff) switches 
my host to 1280x1024 too ;(

How do I set up things so that when subsystem sets 640x480 -
I would get it the right things on my physycal display?

PS. It seems that this is my local X issue - the highest built-in vesa
mode on my system is 1280x1024. The man xorg.conf says:

       Modes  "mode-name" ...
              This optional entry specifies the list of video modes to use.  
	      When this entry is  omitted,  (snip) then the selection will be 
	      taken from the built-in VESA standard modes.

But why the highest mode gets chosen when 640x480 is requested?

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