Something funny about Windows

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at
Fri Dec 16 17:55:46 UTC 2005

James Wilkinson wrote:
> Scot L. Harris wrote:
>>Back in the mid 80's on a Xenix system I created a test program called
>>test.  Had problems getting this to work.
> Normally, I'd suggest ./test and expect that to work reliably across
> Unix-like operating systems.

Possibly. The word "test" is reserved in some shells.

> I've no experience with Xenix, for which I am very thankful. My

You should be. I used it on 386 machines for a year in 1984 or so.
It was "almost UNIX". Sort of.

> experience with SCO Unix (its successor) means I don't want to suggest
> that *would* have worked on Xenix.

Yes, SCO UNIX is "more nearly" UNIX.

> James.

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