Is Redhat/Fedora Losing Interest in KDE?

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at
Fri Dec 16 19:24:47 UTC 2005

Leonard Isham wrote:

> It gets really interesting when you follow the links and see exactly
> what Linus said.

Did you also read the follow-up, where the developer who made the
decision stated categorically that Linus was wrong?

I've always thought it to be a mistake to attribute motives to
other people's actions. This is no different in Linus' case. He
shouldn't be attributing motives to other peoples' actions.

And, as I said before, I don't understand the need to have
strong feelings about what GUI one uses on his machine,
nor do I see why Linus' thoughts on the matter are any
more important or interesting than anyone else'.

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