Is Redhat/Fedora Losing Interest in KDE?

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at
Fri Dec 16 22:20:09 UTC 2005

David Cary Hart wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 14:25:32 -0600
> Mike McCarty <mike.mccarty at> opined:
>>I was wondering why Linus' opinion got quoted on a website, as
>>if his opinion mattered any more than anyone else', and why
>>his statements would help anyone make up his own mind any
>>more than some of mine might.
> Come on. Linus' opinion has considerable weight irrespective of the
> fact that this involves a GUI and not the kernel. Moreover, he is a
> disinterested party in the debate. 

Eh? Why is this a "Come on"? I asked serious questions about
what his credentials are, and your response confirms that
this is a decision made not based on reason or credentials.
You don't list any credentials he has as a GUI designer,
you simply state that his opinion has weight.

If writing kernels were credentials for designing GUIs, then
I've got Linus beat, as I've written two and supported three
more, and AFAIK, he's written and supported only one.

And I am certainly a disinterested party in the discussion.
(Why do you use the word "debate"?)

I certainly don't claim to have any expertise in designing

Is there any software on which you think Linus' opinion would
not matter more than just anyone else' opinion?

Is he an expert on everything?

This is getting pretty far from Fedora, I guess. But I do
wonder why anyone would have strong feelings about GNOME
or KDE, either way.

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