[SOLVED!] How to backup root filesystem the correct way....

Steven Ringwald asric at asric.com
Fri Dec 16 23:49:49 UTC 2005

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

>My Outlook breaks the newsgroup threads... I wish this
>problem would be solved someday... its only been several
>years... sigh.
What version of Outlook??? I used to use Office XP's version, but have 
decided on Thunderbird, mostly because it doesn't assume that I want to 
send html, unless I tell it to (unlike Evolution or Outlook).

>Anyway - KUDOS TO STEVE!!!!
Thanks. Glad that everything worked out for you in the end.

>I was missing the boot symlink to /boot itself - there was *nothing*
>about this requirement anywhere in the manuals as far as I
>can tell - or I must be blind!  This grub issue has been with
>me since it's ineption - and now I understand how to get grub
>to work when a seperate /boot partition is required!  Thanks
>to you!!!! :-D

No problem. In Fedora's defense, when I use a system installed kernel, 
they don't prepend /boot to the lines in the grub.conf, so they might 
not need a /boot/boot link. I just found that it makes things easier, 
and only wastes a *small* amount of space, for the trouble that it can save.


Bitte schoen. You're welcome, etc


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