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Saurabh Bathe sbathe at
Sat Dec 17 04:09:19 UTC 2005

On 12/17/05, Darlene Murphy <deemurphy_us at> wrote:
> I have asked every where.  I have two 300 gig hards drives.  They are raid
> stripe 0.  Currently I have Windows XP on

What hardware? which RAID card?

30 gb, Windows 2003 Server on 30 gb, and 4 50 gb for applications, etc.  I
> want to install Fedora Core 4.  Fedora only sees the sata a not sata b and
> not the stripe 0 drive.  How can I install this without distorying what I
> already had installed and using for school, etc.?
> It also seems like grub messed me up as well.  Can I install without using
> grub and if so how?

You can . use  windows ntldr to load grub.
I think you can find some documentation regarding this at
It basically involves srtipping off the boot sector from linux partition,
editing the boot.ini and telling it where to find the boot sector for linux

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