Device nodes (Manually Created )are removed at boot -time

Steven Ringwald asric at
Sat Dec 17 05:10:35 UTC 2005

Parameshwara Bhat wrote:

> Hello List,
> My modem driver-needed to be built from source-created device nodes 
> like  /dev/slamr0 ,/dev/slusb0.When I rebooted I found these nodes 
> cleared and  the daemon slmodemd dead.
> I also need to install modules ungrab-winmodem and slamr in that order 
> and  I have put them in /etc/modprobe.conf in that order.If the order 
> is  reversed,slamr is grabbed by the kernel.But on rebooting,I found 
> in the  messages slamr grabbed by the kernel.Obviuosly, module slamr 
> got loaded  first.
> It appears there is some process earlier which loads slamr module 
> prior to  the processing of /etc/modprobe.conf.
> The sequence I want is,
> 1.Load ungrab module
> 2.load slamr module
> init process /etc/init.d/slmodemd
> This used to occur in this sequence in FC1 through FC2. I am having  
> persistent problem in FC4.
> My knowledge of Boot process is not well enough to figure out what's 
> going  wrong.

Howdy Parameshwara!

I am going to assume that you are using udev, because that is the 
'standard' with FC3 and 4... There is a directory... /etc/udev/devices

If you create the devices in there (or copy them from /dev to there) 
they will come back immediately when the system is restarted.


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