WebTrends replacement

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at sterndata.com
Sat Dec 17 19:11:59 UTC 2005

David Cary Hart wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 11:20:49 -0600
> Steven Stern <subscribed-lists at sterndata.com> opined:
>>Claude Jones wrote:
>>>A previous employee had purchased WebTrends to monitor our Website
>>>with. I now inherit this task, and I'm wondering if there's an open
>>>source alternative that people like. They're hitting us for a $1300
>>>support renewal, and I'm not convinced its really needed. I'm
>>>looking at the various projects out there, but is there anyone
>>>familiar with WebTrends and the oss alternatives who has some
>>>observations they could share on the subject?  FWIW, our website is
>>>hosted on an IIS server. 
>>Have you looked at awstats?  No one was using the advanced features
>>of webtrens for our sites. I replaced it with awstats and they're
>>happy with it.
> He has a windows server running IIS. BTW, I suspect (judging from my
> logs) that there is a new awstats exploit du jour (due to the amount of
> activity related to aws).

I'm running awstats on both Linux and Windows machines.  The hits on 
awstats in my logs seem to be for the last set of vulnerabilities.



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